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What Can You Say About A Scoreless Game?

What can you say about a scoreless game?  With one per shot for nearly every ten minutes, New York City FC's last home-game against the Chicago Fire was a bit of a snoozer.  Still, one point for the tie is better than none.  Here's hoping that the action heats up with the weather as we head into the Summer.  Hope you like!

Red Bulls Put Out the Fire

Things looked grim for the New York Red Bulls last Friday night as the Chicago Fire went up 2-0 in the first half, but the Red Bulls fought hard to come from behind ultimately winning 3-2 in front of the home crowd.  The win puts them in the lead of the Easter Conference 15 points ahead of the playoff cutoff line. 

This late in the season I felt like mixing things up a little bit and shot the entire game from the catwalk.  To grab a couple different angles I also mounted two other cameras on magic arms, one on the catwalk behind the goal, the other above the scoreboard looking straight down on the goal.

Nine Goal Game


The New York Red Bulls fought hard at home, but after letting the Chicago Fire score five goals couldn't pull out the win.  The Red Bull Goalkeeper Robles looked a little off all night, and the fire offense seemed to gain confidence every time they were able to put it past him.  Australian national teamer Tim Cahill nailed a stunner off his head to answer 1-1 in the first half.  Both sides were tackling hard and and pulling at each others' jerseys all night.  With nine total goals, the Red Bulls go down in an exciting but still disappointing game.