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Women's World Cup - Costa Rica v Korea


I've never seen a team celebrate harder for a tie.  Costa Rica knew they needed to walk away with at least a point against Korea this past Sunday at Montreal's Olympic Stadium to have any chance of moving on to the knockout rounds.  A goal late in second half sent the Costa Rican team and fans alight as both erupted into a fervor fit more for the finals.  In the end the Ticas would fall short of the knockout rounds, but not without leaving everything they had on the field. 

Women's World Cup: Brazil v Spain

This was the match I almost missed.  After our Greyhound driver fell asleep at the wheel and drove us at highway speed into the median eventually ending up on top of the guard rail, all bets were off.  After 7 hours of delays I made my way into Monteal's Olympic Stadium about five minutes into the first half.  I had to wait until the first half ended to take a seat on the field, but was able to snap Brazil's celebration from the one and only goal of the match.  Brazil clinched the top spot in Group E and will now move on to the knockout rounds.